Introduction to Lexpanse and LexpansePro applications for Android devices

The main purpose of Lexpanse and LexpansePro applications is to make possible for its users to expand their vocabulary and learn new words in 50 languages!
You can download basic dictionaries for free in 50 languages in both directions which means altogether 2450 dictionaries are there at your disposal!

Lexpanse and LexpansePro also have the in-built dictionary Wordnet, the biggest English language free dictionary and use the resources of Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

What's more, Lexpanse and LexpansePro can be easily expanded with new dictionaries compiled in StarDict format. There are lots of dictionaries available in this format on the Internet.

  • Add the sought words with their definitions to the flashcards;
  • Recall their meaning and check you remember them correctly;
  • Read out the word or phrase from the displayed flashcard;
  • Control your progress of learning new words with the help of colour coding;
  • Follow the information about the flashcard;
  • Remove the learnt words and add new ones;
  • Select the way the flashcards are displayed;

The applications are available on Google Play:

The main features of Lexpanse and LexpansePro:

The differences between Lexpanse and LexpansePro:

AdvertsDisplaying advertsNo adverts
Active dictionaries1 at a time + "Wikipedia" and "Wiktionary"No limit
Number of flashcards20200
Text-To-Speech EngineSystem default onlyUser Text-To-Speech engine selection from installed
Text-To-Speech LanguageDefault only (English)User selected from available languages
Wikipedia/Wiktionary LanguageDefault only (English)User selected from 60 available languages
Google(TM) Speech-To-Text LanguageDefault only (English)User selected from 30 available languages

Brief tutorial on Lexpanse and LexpansePro