Make your own dictionary for Lexpanse or LexpansePro

On this site you can prepare your own dictionary for Lexpanse or LexpansePro application.

  1. Write in the name of the dictionary (obligatory field). Only Latin-1 characters (English alphabet) + numbers are accepted for the filename of the dictionary. White spaces will be replaced with underscores. Make sure the filename of your dictionary is different from any other dictionaries already installed in "lexpansedicts" folder on your Android device.
    For the displaying name of the dictionary ie. the name which will be visible to its users, any characters are accepted.
  2. Write in any other data (optional fields) using any characters you wish.
  3. Write in your words and definitions. You can paste them as well, but remeber, both for words and definitions a line break means a new word or definition.
    A word in the "Terms" textarea corresponds to its definition, without line breaks, in the same line in "Definitions" textarea.
    You may not use html tags in the word, but you can use html formatting for the definition. However you should bear in mind that the simpler html code the better chances it will be uniformly displayed on possibly the biggest range of devices.
    * More on html in definitions
  4. Send your data. Your compiled dictionary will be sent back to you as a zipped file.
  5. Upload the zipped file to your Android device and unpack it to the folder "lexpansedicts". It will be added to your other Lexpanse dictionaries on the subsequent start of the application.
  6. Enjoy your self-made dictionary. You can share it with other users of Lexpanse application if you wish.
Before sending the data, make sure the number of lines in the "Terms" textarea is equal to the number of lines in the "Definitions" textarea!

Dictionary Name(s) (obligatory fields)

Additional information (optional fields)

Terms and definitions
 * Terms: (size limit: 10MB) * Definitions: (size limit: 30MB)

* The rules applying to the definitions formatted in html:
  IMPORTANT: The definitions not complying with the following rules will not be included in the dictionary.